Showit Website Design For Utah Couples Photographer Lacie Sadler Photography

Showit Website Design For Utah Couples Photographer Lacie Sadler Photography

Lacie’s journey is a familiar one for many photographers. The DIY websites, the struggle to stand out, and the yearning for authentic connections – it’s a path many cross during their photography career, but especially during that first period, when you’re trying to find your style. When photography isn’t just a profession but a passionate expression of self, the brand must resonate just as deeply with your dream clients. Lacie recognized that it was time for her brand to mirror her unique vision, to become a reflection of her creative spirit, and to connect with her ideal clients on a profound level.

Lacie came to me wanting a luxury, clean, minimalistic site, that also had a hint of the country Utah life she was used to. She also wanted her website to feel like a seamless scroll – not a fan of the multicolored canvases.

I also put heavy emphasis on ensuring that her dream clients could easily navigate her site, with a clear client journey leading them to the contact form. Lacie is also incredibly passionate about her Boudoir photography, so with that in mind we separated her couples experience & her boudoir experience into two separate pages, allowing us to convey what the journey would be like for both packages.

Check out Lacies site here.

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