Website Design & Custom Illustrations for Vaughan Photo and Film

Website Design & Custom Illustrations for Vaughan Photo and Film

Sarah was introduced to me via Emma over at Equilibrium studios (this one!) and I seriously could not be more grateful. Not even because Sarah had such an INCREDIBLE vision for her website, but also because she’s one of my favorite people in the photography world. We still routinely talk, because how could you not be friends with someone like Sarah? Send her a single message and you’ll get it, trust me.

Sarah & Chase were relaunching their brand as Vaughan Photo & Film, and wanted a website that matched their whole vibe, which as I’ve said, is an awesome one. They’re both BIG into the magical worlds, you name a series, they’ve probably watched/read it.

They love working with people who get their vibe, who want to actually experience their big day, and focus on the moments that matter rather than the big picture stuff that gets immediately forgotten no matter how much you stressed about it at the time. The couples that hire photographers to actually capture them as they are, and not pose them in a million different uncomfortable and vaguely weird ways.

One of my favorite things that clients to is let me run free with my creativity, and Sarah was absolutely one of these people. She wanted her website to have that magical, whimsical feeling, and I think we absolutely achieved that. Plus, it meant I got to draw her some dragons (and who can say no to dragons?)

Check out her live site here!

Plus, she’s the mastermind behind one of my fave reviews ever.

“We sincerely cannot say enough kind words about Robyn. She is truly a mastermind. She went above and beyond our wildest expectations and created a website that we felt was plucked out of our dreams. She immediately felt like an old friend and was always there to answer any questions we had and give her expert opinion. She was our biggest supporter during the entire process and was so patient and kind with us. The value that Robyn provides to her clients is incredible-we got so much more than we expected. You will NOT regret working with her.”

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