Website Design For Noelle Thies Co.

Website Design For Noelle Thies Co.

Noelle & her team will forever hold a special place in my heart, and for good reason. Her website was a labor of love that we collaborated on over months in 2023, tweaking & perfecting it until it turned into one of my all time favorite projects.

Noelle came to me planning an entire overhaul of her brand – she was expanding her team & wanted to ensure her clients got the luxury experience from start to finish. Originally considering using a template, one of her team members found me online & discovered we were just the perfect fit.

Together, we created this classy, elegant, newspaper chic website that screams high-end (plus a secret client only sub-site that we used to form a client lounge – like I said, luxury experience from start to finish!)

With new branding photos & videos, and incredible copywriting, her new site feels authentically her, ready to show up & showcase exactly the type of clients they love to work with.

(This is normally where I’d link you to her site, but she recently had her on-team brand designer change her branding and update the website to reflect that, so it’s no longer an accurate depiction of work! That being said, you can see the original design below!)

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