Showit Vs. Pixieset – The Best Website Platform For Photographers

Showit Vs. Pixieset – The Best Website Platform For Photographers

Let’s talk about two of the titans within the photography world – Showit Vs. Pixieset, and which is the better website platform for photographers? Chances are, if you’ve never invested in a custom or templated website, you’ve been using Pixiesets website feature – here’s why it’s time you took the leap & invested in aligning tf out of your brand & website (and why Showit is the best platform to do this as a creative!)

Let’s get into it: Showit Vs. Pixieset:

Creative Freedom

Showit offers unparalleled design freedom as a website platform, allowing you to create a fully custom website that aligns your unique style, voice, & branding. Anything you can think of to design, Showit can accomodate.

Pixieset on the other hand provides a set number of website templates specifically designed for showcasing photography, but offers significantly less in terms of design flexibility. It also means that websites often look the same as the next person over.

Showit is like an artist’s canvas. It doesn’t just put your pictures out there; it makes your website match your style. Pixieset is more about galleries, while Showit is like a whole world for your brand.

The mobile experience

Be honest, what percentage of time do you look at websites on your phone before you desktop (especially if you find the person on Instagram or social media!) Websites need to be mobile friendly in 2023. Showit allows for complete, 100% customizable website experiences, right down to the pixel.

Pixieset allows for clean mobile templates, however lacks the customization available within Showit, since the platform prioritizes gallery delivery over site experience!

In a world where everyone is glued to their phones, your website needs to WOW.

The SEO friendly approach

Showit provides photographers with the tools & flexibility to optimize their websites for search engines. This includes customizable metadata, image alt tags, and the ability to create SEO friendly URLs. These features can help improve your websites visibility in search engine results, potentially attracting more visitors (and more clients!)

It also hosts blogs on WordPress, and allows you to map your pages to the WordPress backend of your site, giving you the SEO power of everyones favorite blogging platform.

Pixieset offers a simple, easy to use SEO manager that allows for basic customization & support to help you rank, but lacks the blogging power that WordPress & plugins like Yoast SEO can offer.

Gallery Features

This is one of the few areas that Pixiest does reign supreme in. Pixieset is a platform dedicated almost entirely to showcasing client galleries, both public & private.

Showit can allow you to display & promote galleries in many different ways, as creatively or simply as you lie, however lacks the ability to upload entire galleries for clients in the same way that Pixieset does.

Many photographers use both platforms in parallel- Showit for their online presence, brand alignment, and marketing, while using Pixieset to host their client gallery deliverables.

Pricing & plans

Consider your budget & the features you need when comparing pricing plans. Showit offers various subscription options, including website hosting, while Pixieset focuses more on client gallery features & offers pricing tiers based on storage space.

Showit pricing starts at $19/month ($24 if you include a blog!)

Long term goals

Think about your long-term goals as a photographer. Showit provides a robust platform for building your brand and expanding your online presence beyond just client falleries.

Pixieset, wile offering a website feature, is primarily geared towards delivering an exceptional client experience through its gallery capabilities.

If you’re ready for clients to look at your site & feel aligned with who you are, and the work you do, then Showit is the way to go.

The pros & cons of Showit Vs. pixieset

Pros of Showit:

  • Design Freedom: Showit’s drag-and-drop interface grants you the freedom to design your website as if you’re painting a masterpiece. This creative control ensures that your website feels entirely authentic and true to your brand.
  • Unique Branding: For photographers who want to stand out, Showit is a dream. You can seamlessly infuse your brand’s identity into every corner of your website, from color schemes to fonts. This ensures a consistent and cohesive visual representation. You can make your website both look & feel true to who you are & what you stand for.
  • Storytelling Potential: Showit isn’t just about galleries; it’s a storytelling platform. You can take your visitors on a journey by crafting an immersive narrative that showcases your photography in the context it deserves, leading potential clients from interested to desperate for more information.

Cons of Showit:

  • Learning Curve: While Showit is user-friendly, its creative flexibility might come with a slight learning curve, especially if you’re new to website design. However, if you have someone already crafting a custom website for you, the maintenance & small updates are easy to get to grips with (plus Wild Cacti Creative provides you with post-launch help & training)
  • Customization Time: Designing from scratch can take time, especially if you’re a perfectionist. While it’s an investment, remember that the outcome will be a website that’s truly yours.

Now, let’s shift our focus to Pixieset, a platform designed with photographers in mind. Pixieset shines when it comes to managing galleries and delivering your photographs to clients in a professional and user-friendly manner. It’s streamlined, efficient, and perfect for those who prioritize showcasing their work.

Pros of Pixieset:

  • Gallery Management: Pixieset’s strength lies in its gallery management capabilities. It offers a clean and organized way to present your photographs, making it easy for clients to navigate and view their images.
  • Client-Friendly Experience: For photographers who interact frequently with clients, Pixieset offers a polished and straightforward delivery system. Clients can easily access their images, download, and even order prints.
  • Efficient Proofing: Pixieset streamlines the proofing process. Clients can mark their favorite shots and provide feedback directly on the platform, saving time and avoiding the need for multiple back-and-forths.

Cons of Pixieset:

  • Limited Website Customization: While Pixieset allows some customization, it’s primarily focused on galleries. If you’re looking to create a more comprehensive website that reflects your brand beyond images, it definitely falls short.
  • Less Creative Freedom: Unlike Showit, Pixieset doesn’t offer the same level of design flexibility. You’re working within the framework of templates, which results in a far less unique website.

Choosing the Right Fit for You

Ultimately, the choice of Showit Vs. Pixieset depends on your priorities and business goals. If you’re looking for a website that’s an extension of your creative soul, and you want to tell your brand’s story through design, Showit is the answer. On the other hand, if your focus is on delivering images to clients efficiently and maintaining a professional client interaction, Pixieset is a strong contender (but again, many photographers use them in parallel!)

Remember, your website is your digital storefront, and it should reflect not only your photography but also your brand’s identity. Evaluate your needs, consider who you want to attract, and choose the platform that aligns best with your vision.

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