Brand Design & Custom Illustrations for Nicola Jeffrey Photography

Brand Design & Custom Illustrations for Nicola Jeffrey Photography

Nicola Jeffrey Photography is an Edinburgh based wedding & elopement photographer who focuses on capturing the intimate moments of carefree & connected souls. Nicola came to me wanting to attract more of the free-spirited, wild-hearted couples – the ones who love nature, who are down for an intimate wedding, and who appreciate their wedding photos as art.

Nicola previously had her website designed by someone else, but was recently feeling like she needed to upgrade her branding to something more unique and uniquely her, something that would help her stand out from the crowd and attract more of her dream clients.

The vibes Nicola Jeffrey Photography was after: whimsical, secret garden, earthy & magical.

What do you think? Did we achieve her vision? Nicola certainly thought so!

Check out her branding below, or reach out to me here if you’re ready for a brand and website that sets your soul on fire.

Are you ready to go from lost in the chatter to standing out, authentically you, and thriving?

(Heck yeah you are)