Website Design for Ohio Wedding Photographers Gemini Photography

Website Design for Ohio Wedding Photographers Gemini Photography

Sandra and Nichole are the two badass Gemini women behind the Ohio wedding photography team Gemini Photography, alongside their two associates – team photographer Amanda, and team videographer Jose. Their dream was to start attracting more of those dream weddings – the chic, black tie, lover of love kind of people.

They had a specific vision in mind – a generally black and white, chic theme with the odd pop of blush and gold, with a nice median of moody & dark, and light & airy.

When I first spoke to Sandra and Nichole, they’d already purchased a Showit template that kind of fit their vibe, but soon realized that the couldn’t seem to get it right for who they are and who they want to attract (a common struggle I hear about from clients!)

Gemini Photography Cleveland is all about the storytelling vibes, with their mantra being to capture photos you can truly feel. And, well, I think we did a pretty darn good job, and so do they!

Check out the live site here.

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